Wind Mitigation Inspection – 7 Ways to SAVE $$$ on YOUR Homeowner’s Insurance! (Page 7)

Wind Mitigation Inspection – 7 Ways to SAVE $$$ on YOUR Homeowner’s Insurance!

If You are Already SAVING – Don’t Lose YOUR Insurance Discounts,

Be Prepared for that Pesky Re-Inspector!

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6) The sixth discount available is for Secondary Water Resistance (SWR).  This is often a more difficult feature to prove and therefore a less frequently given discount.  This discount refers to there being a Sealed Roof Deck.  There are two main methods of achieving Secondary Water Resistance.

The first is from on top the roof deck but under the roof covering.  A self adhering roofing underlayment is adhered directly to the entire roof deck before the roof covering is applied.

The second method is from the underside of the roof deck.  A spray foam adhesive (typically a closed cell insulation product) is sprayed down the sides of each rafter/truss as well as across each seam in the roof deck.

The concept behind both of the above mentioned items is the reduce water entry into your home in case of a roof covering failure (i.e. if your shingles blow off during the storm these SWR methods will significantly reduce the amount of water that enters your home helping save insulation, drywall, flooring, furnishings, etc).

How to know if you have SWR and how to prove it:  If you have the spray foam adhesive, you will be able to see this foam (looks like “great stuff” from the can) sprayed down each rafter/truss and across each seam.  Different products required different thicknesses, some as light as only 1” thick and some require 3” thick.  Be sure to have the Florida Building Code Approval on the product as well as the Manufacturer specifications of the product for the inspector to review and copy.

If you have a self adhering underlayment installed under the roof covering, this can be more difficult to prove and document.  Look around the seams of the roof deck and/or around any vents or roof penetrations.  If you find a sticky/shiny looking product there is a good chance you have SWR, you may be able to take out an ID card or credit card and get it to actually stick to the SWR between the roof deck seams.  If you see a more flat/dull looking black paper in the seams you likely have standard roofing felt which does not qualify as SWR.

The best documentation is to have time/date stamped pictures of the SWR being applied to the roof deck and also get the roofing contractor to notate the installation of the SWR to all roofing paper work as well as to the roofing permit.

Wind Mitigation Inspection Secondary Water Resistance SWR

Wind Mitigation Inspection Secondary Water Resistance SWR

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