Wind Mitigation Inspection – 7 Ways to SAVE $$$ on YOUR Homeowner’s Insurance! (Page 2)

Wind Mitigation Inspection – 7 Ways to SAVE $$$ on YOUR Homeowner’s Insurance!

If You are Already SAVING – Don’t Lose YOUR Insurance Discounts,

Be Prepared for that Pesky Re-Inspector!

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1) The first building discount revolves around when your home was built.  If you are outside the Miami-Dade high velocity hurricane zone the magic number is March 1, 2002.  This is the day that the 2001 Florida Building Code took effect to more stringent requirements that the insurance carriers prefer.  A PERMITTED home on March 1, 2002 or after will automatically get a number of the wind mitigation credits because this new code mandated these mitigation techniques be applied while the home is under construction. This magic March 1, 2002 date can be a little confusing, this is not homes built after this date this is specifically homes permitted after this date.  There were contractors scurrying around who pulled housing permits as late as Thursday, February 28th of 2002 and because their permit was pulled before the official Florida Building Code start date their projects only had to be built to the old code.

If your home is in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) this magic date is September 1, 1994 when the South Florida Building Code took effect that was much stronger than codes throughout the rest of the state.  This more stringent code came into effect just 2 years and 8 days after Hurricane Andrew made landfall and devastated much of South Florida.

How to know your year built and how to prove it:  If you have a copy of your building permit it should have the issuance date on it, otherwise you can call your local building department or county property appraiser (preferably the building department) and they will likely be able to assist you.

Other ways to get an estimate of the year your home was built is too look under a toilet tank lid where a date is typically stamped or if you have pull down attic steps the date is also normally stamped on the lower brace of the attic steps (these methods are for ball park estimates only and will only work if you have an original toilet or an original attic step pull down).  Be sure to have any documentation on the date your home was permitted in your “Wind Mitigation Inspection file” especially if your home was permitted a year or two on either side of the March 1, 2002 date.  The best documentation to have is a copy of the permit from the building department.

Wind Mitigation Inspection Florida Building Code

Wind Mitigation Inspection Florida Building Code

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