Rebuild Northwest Florida

REBUILD Northwest Florida

*EFFECTIVE Spring 2012 – REBUILD Northwest Florida is no longer offering a Wind Mitigation Inspection after the REBUILD Wind Retrofitting Program is complete.  PLEASE use Pensacola Insurance Inspections for this inspection.  For REBUILD customers we have so much confidence in the work done that we offer a NO SAVE NO PAY GUARANTEE, so if you don’t save on the WIND MITIGATION INSPECTION we will refund you the $75 inspection fee paid.

Rebuild Northwest Florida (REBUILD) is a great program that we in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties (no grant money currently available for Santa Rosa) are proud to have.  This local non-profits has tens of millions of Grant Money that comes down from FEMA and is administered by the State Department of Emergency Management.  It boils down to paying 25 cents on the dollar as the grant money covers 75% of the Wind Mitigation Process.  The average REBUILD work completed is approximately $8,000 of improvements. That breaks down to you contributing approximately $2,000 to the improvements.

The REBUILD process starts with an application process.  Fairly basic information, are you in a single family dwelling?  Is your home owner-occupied/homesteaded?  Was your home built before the 2001 Florida Building Code (FBC) took effect on March 1, 2002?

If you meet those requirements a $150 deposit (I believe its $150, it may be up to $200) is paid and REBUILD will come out and inspect your home.  Depending on what REBUILD finds during the inspection will determine what “Wind Mitigation Plan” they will propose for you to have done.  The REBUILD program is an “All or Nothing” deal.  The grant requirements are strict and once the upgrades are determined on your home the homeowner must commit to do all of them.

The items that will be addressed are:

  1. Your Roof to Wall Attachment.  This involves what kind of clips, wraps, or toe-nails are holding your rafters to your walls.  If this does not meet the REBUILD requirement hurricane clips will be added to every rafter/truss.
  2. Your Roof Deck Attachment.  Often this is fine, but in some cases staples or a weaker fastener was used so REBUILD will have a spray foam adhesive applied to every rafter/truss.
  3. Your Gable End Bracing.  If you have gables on your home (triangles on the ends of your roof) these will likely need to be reinforced.  Different protocols are used depending on the size of your gables (less than 4′ high or greater than 4′ high).  The basic protocol uses 2×4’s, simpson ties, and 3″ wood screws to brace the 2×4 back a minimum of 3 rafters/trusses from the gable end.
  4. Your Openings.  This is the biggie. It includes ALL OF YOUR OPENINGS in the home from windows, doors, garage doors, gable vents, and skylights.  If any of your openings do not meet the REBUILD standards (impact rated, pressure rated) then they will have to be replaced or shuttered.  REBUILD does not offer replacement windows, they will have to be shuttered.  They do offer replacement doors and garage doors.

All in all the REBUILD program is excellent.  They are not real fast, and you may feel like you’ve answered those questions before, but remember all of this is a Government Program.

REBUILD Northwest Florida can be reached at (850) 497-7024.

Please be sure to call Pensacola Insurance Inspections at (850) 417-7934 to complete a wind mitigation inspection after REBUILD finishes the work so that we can help you save on your homeowners wind insurance.

***Many likely know of the controversy surrounding REBUILD in recent days, both with an $11,000,000 RFP that was handled improperly and was eventually cancelled by REBUILD as well as issues noted in a FEMA audit that was performed in the fall of 2011.  We feel strongly that REBUILD is a good program for local homeowners, however we feel that some of the actions of their handling of a recent construction bid were not handled well.  You can learn more about some of these controversies and the innocent people they have hurt through those actions, as well as the proposed changes being submitted to our lawmakers to require non-profits being granted millions of our tax payer dollars be held to the same requirements as a local government agency at