Wind Mitigation Inspection

At Pensacola Insurance Inspections we have completed thousands of Wind Mitigation inspections and it is one of the core services that we provide.  We have found that 99% of the time, this wind mitigation inspection produces tangible savings for our customers in the $300 to $1,000 range (savings can be as high as 81% of the wind portion of your homeowners insurance premium)!

The wind mitigation piece of Florida legislation was originally enacted in March of 2003. It was further enhanced in October of 2006, and became very widely known between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2009 through the My Safe Florida Home Program. The MSFH program provided free wind mitigation inspections on nearly 500,000 Florida homes.

Many Floridians are taking advantage of the cost savings benefits determined from these seven different aspects of your home that get reported on the Florida Insurance Office of Regulation’s form IOR-B1-1802.

As a homeowner, it is very important that you know what each mitigation credit is and that you have a “Wind Mitigation Inspection” on hand documenting each mitigation feature.  Many insurance carriers are performing their own wind mitigation re-inspections and these inspectors are often not as motivated as “retail inspectors” who work directly for you to find the proof/documentation of each component to be able to prove you deserve the discount.  Many homeowners are being stripped of their credits due to not being properly prepared for these inspections combined with an often time less than caring inspector.

The following is not an exhaustive review of the inspection criteria; however it is a very thorough explanation of the most common features we run into during our inspections.  There are always “outside of the box” situations and “gray areas”. We always recommend a quality inspection company to assist you in determining what wind mitigation credits your home deserves.

To read more on Wind Mitigation Inspections, please visit this descriptive write up detailing the 7 categories of Florida’s Wind Mitigation Inspection.  To order a Wind Mitigation Inspection, please contact Pensacola Insurance Inspections TODAY!

REBUILD Northwest Florida provides a Wind Mitigation Retrofit program to Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties that can help prepare your home and help you save even more on your Wind Insurance.  Read more about this program here.