Home Inspection Services

Pensacola Insurance Inspections specializes in all types of insurance & home inspections. Whether you need a full pre-purchase Home Inspection, a Wind Mitigation Inspection, a 4 Point Inspection, a Roof Inspection, an Electrical Inspection, or any other pre-purchase, lender, or insurance required inspection, the quality inspectors at Pensacola Insurance Inspections are just a phone call away and stand ready to help you with your Home Inspection needs.

Quality Inspections We Offer:

  1. Home Inspection – a full Home Inspection is the most comprehensive and detailed residential inspection that we provide.  This inspection is most often completed by a home buyer in the process of purchasing a new home.
  2. Wind Mitigation Inspection – a Wind Mitigation Inspection is an insurance inspection used to help lower homeowners insurance premiums.  There are seven categories on this Florida Office of Insurance Form 1802.
  3. 4 Point Inspection – a 4 Point Inspection is an insurance inspection required on homes 30 years and older (sometimes newer).  This inspection looks at 4 systems – the Roof, the Electrical, the Plumbing, and the Heating and Cooling.
  4. Roof Inspection – a Roof Inspection is an insurance inspection that identifies the type of roofing on your home, the approximate useful life of your roof covering, and notes any damage or deterioration on your roof.
  5. Electrical Inspection – an Electrical Inspection is an insurance inspection that is often not asked for until the home is 50 years or older.  This more comprehensive electrical inspection looks at the entire system, identifies the wiring, receptacles, and other electrical components and reports on their condition, safety, and whether they meet current electrical codes.

We are fully licensed, qualified and experienced having completed over 40,000 home inspections. We are respected throughout Pensacola and the State of Florida by Insurance Carriers, Insurance Underwriters, Insurance Agents, and Real Estate Professionals!

Don’t trust your largest asset to just any inspection company! We are not only inspectors, but are also experienced Florida licensed General and Roofing Contractors.  We have built our business and reputation by completing accurate inspections and serving the Pensacola and Gulf Coast communities with the respect & quality service that they deserve!

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