Home Inspection Services

Pensacola Insurance Inspections, LLC is pleased to offer Home Inspection Services to help the Pensacola Community and surrounding areas reduce their insurance premiums, safen their homes, and help make them make more knowledgeable decisions about their existing and potentially future properties.

Thanks to Florida Legislature (FL Statute 627.0629(1), the Florida Department of Insurance is requiring FL insurance providers to reduce Property Insurance Premiums for certain “upgrades” and “safe home features”.

AVG SAVINGS range from 15% to over 70% off the wind portion of your insurance, resulting in $100’s and maybe $1,000’s saved off your wind premium!!!

Wind Mitigation Inspection:  Pensacola Insurance Inspections, LLC is pleased to provide this service to the Pensacola Community. Standard Wind Mitigation Insurance Inspections (Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form or 4 Point Inspections) cost $90. (*Currently running a special for wind mitigation inspections at $75)!

Roof Condition Form:  $75 (free if done in combination with either a wind mitigation inspection or 4 Point inspection).

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections:  Start at $300 for up to 2500 sq ft and increase in $50 increments for each additional 500 sq ft. Pensacola Insurance Inspections includes FOR FREE any insurance reports needed when doing a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection (this is up to $150 of FREE reports included with your home inspection)!

***Special discount if insured needs both 4 Point & Wind Mitigation inspections done for $150 total!

See other SERVICES Pensacola Insurance Inspections provides and the current inspection cost sheet here.

Reasons to hire Pensacola Insurance Inspections, LLC to handle your insurance inspections:

  • Our team is well qualified and licensed to complete your inspection reports with years of experience.  Read about the entire Pensacola Insurance Inspections Team here.
  • We are prompt, courteous, and well organized.  We will communicate with the home owners immediately, schedule an appointment that fits their needs, and deliver complete Insurance and Home  inspection reports via email in a PDF format quickly after your inspection is complete.
  • We will take any and all pictures that are needed for insurance and home inspection purposes.  Many times taking more pictures than needed providing an even more detailed view into your inspection.
  • We are competitively priced at $90 per inspection (either 4 Point or Uniform Mitigation – current special for $75 for Wind Mitigation Inspection) or $150 if both inspections are required.  See our current price sheet here.
  • We love the communities in which we live and stay very involved in supporting the community and local charities.

For all Inspection needs please call (850) 417-7934 or email today!  Contact Pensacola Insurance Inspections today!