Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I save with a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

That can range from approximately 5% to over 80%! *Note that the discounts only affect the wind portion of your premium, it does not apply to your general hazard or liability portion. Each mitigation feature has a different discount percentage and each Insurance Company gives a different discount percentage for each credit.

Why should I use Pensacola Insurance Inspections & Valuations?

Pensacola Insurance Inspections and Valuations is the LARGEST provider of windstorm inspections in Northwest Florida! Don’t settle for a smaller, less dependable company. Just one oversight could cost you HUNDREDS of dollars! PII Inspectors are not just “home inspectors” but licensed General and Roofing contractors that are FULLY qualified with every Insurance Company in Florida! Each inspection completed by a PII inspector is audited in house to reduce underwriter concerns and errors.  PII stands behind their inspection reports and works on your behalf to get you the most discounts legally possible on your property! PII is FULLY INSURED and every employee that comes to your home is background and drug tested and will be wearing a picture badge on his/her shirt.

There were deficiencies noted in my inspection report. Will you repair the items for us?

To keep from any appearance of wrong doing or conflict of interest, PII has a policy that prevents us from working on homes that we inspect. We would never want a customer to feel that we identified problems with their home just so we could charge them to fix it. We do have a list of preferred professionals we can refer.

Are you sure that my insurance company will give these discounts?

YES! If they write policies in Florida they are REQUIRED to honor proper wind mitigation inspections and to give discounts for the eligible findings!

 How do I get this SAVING?

Call Pensacola Insurance Inspections TODAY! Even if your policy doesn’t renew for 6 months, most companies will give a pro-rated discount credit even before your renewal! With an average of $600 in savings, you could be losing $50 every month this inspection report is not on your file! Order your inspection online here or contact us TODAY to start saving!